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Posture Corrector ISWEO TIRAMI-SU

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Product Overview


Posture Corrector ISWEO TIRAMI-SU

The ISWEO TIRAMI-SU digital posture corrector is a cool electronic gadget that helps you and your loved ones to keep a right posture while sitting and walking. This posture corrector device can be easily attached to your shirt by using its magnetic clip. Once in place, it will constantly keep track of your posture and make sure that you won’t slough away. Perfect for teaching children how to maintain a healthy posture as well as for adults – this cool electronic gadget is useful for people of any age.

30 Days Battery Life

Never suffer from low battery anxiety. The Tirami-Su lasts for up to 20.000 vibrations per single charge. In fact, you might forget that it actually has a battery.

Radiation Free

No unnecessary phone apps and Bluetooth/WiFi connections means that it’s 100% radiation free. Moreover, there’s no storage of private information that hackers would love to steal.

Skin Safe

The Tirami-Su is made from premium and durable materials. No unsafe paints. Allergy tested on sensitive skin.


Standby Time: 30 Days
Usage Time: Around 334 hours
Charging Port: USB
Waterproof Rating: IP54 (Splash-proof)
Radiation Free
Battery Life: 334 Hours Standby. Up to 20.000 vibrations per single charge.


Main Product Dimensions: 40x 40x 5mm (L x W x D)
Main Product Weight: 10g

What's in the box?
1x Digital Posture Device
1x Magnet Clasp
1x Soft Pouch
1x USB Charging Cable
1x English User Manual

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