You don't have the risk of stock and money

Unlike traditional business, you do not have to borrow money from the bank and source products in bulk before you sell anything. Therefore, you aren't facing the risk of having products in stock that doesn't turn out as popular as you might have hoped. This guarantees that you never have to sell anything below cost price. Moreover, you don't have to pay for drop shipping services, before you sell anything.

Normally, when you buy from wholesalers, you have to buy in large quantities. But with dropship e-commerce platforms such as sourcingbay.com, you get low prices even on small quantities.

Sourcingbay strives to be the number one drop shipping supplier based in China, by making sure all orders can be smoothly processed. As one of the drop ship companies, we understand it completely that you want to provide good service to your customer by shipping out fast. Chinvasion strictly follows the steps of quality control, all products undergo supplier review, arrival inspection, after-sales feedback monitoring , and are tested to strict quality control standards. We ensure all products meet a consistant quality standard.

Very easy to start a business

One other major benefit is that anyone can start a business from home by simply listing the products in eBay, Amazon, or even an own website. There is no need for start-up capital, as the dropship company is holding and managing the stock for you. At Sourcingbay, our suppliers have almost products in stock that we list online. Only once you get an order, you pay us for shipping it out. There are no special requirements to become a member. Anyone can start, and our services are free. Simply create an account and place orders with your customer's delivery address so we can ship it directly to them. Everything you see on Sourcingbay.com, you can sell for profit. We ship the products in plain packaging direct to your customers. No complicated agreements, no contracts, no restrictions - it's a wide open profit opportunity for you.

Wholesale Factory-direct Pricing

Chiavasion supported by premium supply chains so we have got advantage and independence in pricing, providing the cost-effecient products with hight quality.This guarantees that our prices are lower than you can find anywhere else on the web. Besides the low prices, we also help you break down the language and cultural barriers as well as high minimum order quantities that entrepreneurs face when they try to source themselves from China. At Sourcingbay, you don't face these constrains and you can start ordering from one piece!

As the total valule of your order history increases, Sourcingbay even rewards you with even lower prices. Read more about this on our VIP benefits page.

Custom shipping invoice

Anyone can start dropshipping right away is that the cumbersome order processing is completely taken out of your hands. You don't have to pick, pack, and ship orders as the drop ship supplier will do that on behalf of you. So what you have to take care of is to focus on sales and communicate the sales to the drop ship company. Don't regard this as a minor benefit, only skipping the daily trip to the postal office is already a major part of your time that you could effectively use to plan your marketing campaigns that really bringing in the money. If you do just that, we at Sourcingbay will take care of the order processing. As said, our suppliers have almost products in stock, and this means, your orders are dispatched within a few working day.

Month Quality Guarantee

We are confident about our electronic devices and we want you to feel confident to. That's why all products come with a 3 month quality guarantee. Due to our strict and professional quality control procedures, we usually experience a very low amount of product issue cases. However, if this happens, than you can simply open a ticket with our English speaking Customer Support, so they can help you further to solve the case. Provide your order number and the details of the issue that you or your customer is experiencing.

English Speaking 24/7 Customer Support

Sourcingbay's support staff all speak and write fluent in English and is 24/7 available to answer your pre-sales and after sales questions. Simply open a ticket in our support area or click in the livechat button on the right side of every single page on our website. Want to visit us? We are happy to meet you. Let us know in advance and find our China address on our About Us page.

Professional Images And Descriptions Made In-house

If you sell our products online, we want to make sure you don't get into legal problems. Our in-house media and copywriting team work original photos and descriptions on a daily basis that do not only show the product in the best possible way, but also help you stay out of legal trouble on eBay, Amazon, or your own site.


Registration / Publication

You register free at sourcingbay.com, sourcingbay won't charge you ANY additional fees for the dropship service!

List Sourcingbay products on your storen

You choose electronics products from Sourcingbay that you think will sell;

You decide your own pricing and list the products for sale in your online shop, like eBay, in your local newspaper - anywhere you can sell to interested buyers;

Get orders from your own store

Promote your store and have the items sold. If you are dropship business selling a lot of different Sourcingbay products, you'll want to easily manage products with the sourcingbay Data Feed. With the data feed you can now easily download customized product information fast and efficiently.

Forward the orders to Sourcingbay

When you get an order, you collect payment from your buyer first, and then make the order on sourcingbay.com for the goods;

Order shipped to your customers

Sourcingbay delivers the products directly to your customer without Sourcingbay information on the package. Your buyer receives the goods "from you" and you have another happy customer, ready to buy again from you in the future!

The more saved off the price is more profits

You get rewarded the more you order. As your total order history increases, you automatically get better discount levels, making you even more competitive!

VIP customer service

We have a professional customer service team, you can contact us at any time by email or other methods to help you provide professional services, We will make the most professional treatment plan for you!